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Attention Homebuyers.

SellerWillCarry.com wants to help you achieve the American dream of home ownership.

A seller who will carry the loan for you is a much easier way to attain home ownership than a conventional institutional lender like a bank or savings and loan.

While, this site lists Sellers who may carry the loan, we want to help you the Buyer be more presentable to Sellers.

We have included excerpts from Buyers who have taken advantage of a successful program developed by Frank Ricci III, Ph.D. with over thirty-five years real estate experience. Dr Ricci shows buyers how to attain home ownership with no money down and no banks.

We have a number of Sellers on this site who are willing to carry the loan for you. In certain cases, bad credit may not be a major issue in purchasing their home. However, most Sellers want to deal with Buyers they feel are solid and most will probably want to see your credit report.

To increase your chances of being accepted, by a Seller, we will regularly e-mail you Frank Ricci's valuable information on how to improve your credit, ways to approach Sellers, for Buyers who are moving to a new area how to prepare a written presentation to impress a Seller who may be hundreds or thousands of miles away from where you now live.

Sellers also appreciate this added service because it provides them with more acceptable Buyers and Buyers appreciate information that can help them achieve the American dream of home-ownership.

The following are testimonial excerpts from buyers Frank's program has helped.

After you read the Buyer's testimonials click on the "Buyer Assistance"button at the bottom of the page and send us your e-mail address. We will forward regular information that may help you achieve home ownership faster.


Grandma’s First Home A Dream Come True

“My American dream is now a reality. Now every flower in my yard has a scent that I own and every fish in the pond is mine.I am a grandmother and after renting homes all my life, I now for the first time, have these privileges myself. Thank you Frank for the happiness I feel, I know there are many people out there who desperately need your help and advice. Thank you Frank for making my dream come true.”  – Nadine Harmon, Probation Officer

I Had Little Hope Of Owning

“I had little hope of purchasing a home. I anticipated working for several years to save for a down payment. I was unprepared for the scope of service and creativity that Frank brought to my situation.If there is any way possible, Frank can make it work.” – James A. Walker, Attorney at Law

Renters Now Own The Home They Rented 6 years.

Frank you have instilled in us that we can believe and dream again about owning our own home.
Thank you for making our dreams come true.” – Ralph Raper, Waste Water Operator and Laura Raper, Registered Nurse

Renters Without A Down Payment Should Seek Your Assistance

“Thank you for your help and guidance in purchasing our first home. We wish a lot of young people who are renting and do not have a down payment should seek your assistance.” – Shankar Kumar, Auto Mechanic and Sashi Kumar, County Recorder’s Office

Realtors Said, It Wasn’t Possible For People Like Us To Qualify

“Everyone said our down payment just wasn’t enough and that it wasn’t possible for people like us to qualify for a home.I’m almost tempted to go back to all those realtors who said that and show them pictures of the house we did buy, through your equity share program.” – Jerry Casteel, Machinist & Sue Casteel, Teacher

Realtors Said, We Have No Chance of Purchasing A Home

“I was very skeptical about being able to buy a house due to being summarily dismissed by many of the areas realtors as having no chance of purchasing a home.The short of this is that Frank goes beyond the norm. Frank not only met my requirements he surpassed them. Frank makes things happen by creativity and persistence.” – Wendell D. Peters, Attorney at Law

Purchasing Our Home Was Easy

"This is an excellent program that you manage very skillfully. You made purchasing our new home an easy process.” – Bishop L. Ellison, District Sales Manager

We Thought We Were Years Away From Owning A Home

“I am convinced we would still not own a home if not for your skills andabilities. I am willing to provide you with an unqualified recommendation.” - Cris C. Vaughan, Attorney at Law

To receive regular information that may help you achieve home ownership faster, click on the following "Buyer Assistance" button.



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